Hi, I am Dominik Wagner, I photograph people doing their thing.


Always on the move with an open mind, I am striving for authenticity to portrait the true character and mood of my subject.

I see myself as a visual storyteller, documenting the aspects which ultimately make situations interesting.


Coming from a background in action sports, as a professional rollerblader I am deeply fascinated with the aesthetics of movement, especially in relation to its surroundings.

The skills of directing people and light, feeling for the perfect timing, unusual composition and perspectives, even in hard-to-predict moments are key elements of my work.


I am a freelance photographer specialized in the domains of sports, documentary, and portraits.

I have been working for several years as a photo assistant for various high-end commercial and fashion productions.

For my personal projects, I traveled all around the globe, translating these experiences in the form of self-published, limited edition books.


I studied photography at Lette-Verein Berlin, followed by an internship at the Martin Schoeller Studio in New York City.


Born and raised in Bremen, I am currently living in Berlin.


I am always open for collaborations and available for assignments worldwide. Please feel free to say hi!